Olivia Frances

Cincinnati native, Olivia Frances is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter and musician with a sunny disposition. Wisdom shines through her folky pop-country musical creations, which is obvious to listeners on her newest album, Evergreen, which serves as a follow-up to her 2013 debut album Back To Happiness.

Evergreen is a product of Olivia’s gap year she spent in Nashville, TN before attending college. The album is a collection of songs from various co-writing sessions as well as songs she’s written by herself. While in Music City, Olivia had the opportunity to record in the Riverfront Recording Studio and at Studio 19 with talented musicians. To build anticipation for the record, she released some of these songs during her #SingleSteps project.

Taking a gap year in Nashville enabled Olivia to focus on her distinctive blend of catchy- pop melodies and the storytelling aspect of country music. She has graced the stages of some of Nashville’s most popular songwriter venues including the iconic Bluebird Café and the notable Commodore Grille. She was also interviewed by Nashville Public Radio on the topic of musicians’ use of social media. The story went national and aired on National Public Radio in May 2015. Other radio stations that have featured Olivia’s music include Canada’s In the Country, WRFA in Jamestown, NY, WBRT in Bardstown, KY, VRadio Nashville and more.

Although Olivia did not grow up with musical parents, she credits her mother and father for shaping her int

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