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Pat Olding







Pat Olding Artist Statement

My painting is meant to be a path of discovery for me and the viewers. Together we become cognizant of the world’s colors and observed colors layered into each subject. This rich layering of paint leaves a history of the strokes. These strokes and the subject are integrated and cannot be separated. I never want to paint the “too beautiful,” but I believe the unnoticed need to become the preeminent subjects of my paintings. Using the palette knife liberates me to command big scale focus strengthening my ability to execute representational images.

My painting process includes bashing and smashing colors together, carving edges, and purposely messing up other edges. Sometimes I scrape the surface and repaint the entire surface again. After I put my painting through all these destructive exercises, it emerges. It may sound convoluted, but it works and it’s fun.

Painting became a full-time passion in 2001 after practicing architecture for 17 years. Pat’s studio is at the Pendelton Art Center. Cincinnati’s Clifton area has been my home for over 20 years with my husband Andy.


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