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American Legacy Theatre

American Legacy Theatre

American Legacy Theatre is theatre for social change. A.L.T. provides professional theatre that is accessible – affordable, relevant and exciting to all people, all voices.

Mission: A.L.T. nurtures the growth and development of both the American audience and artist in every community it impacts.

Vision: A.L.T. will be the cornerstone of a revolutionary 5-theatre network across the country to become the National Theatre of the United States.

Our four mission centers and points of difference are:

  1. Professional Productions: American works. Eat, drink, and tweet. Customized seating for each production. Subsidized tickets for veterans and financially unstable.
  2. Educational Impact: Students understudy all on- and off-stage positions culminating in own performances.
  3. Innovation & Development: Local artists develop across all theatrical disciplines:  acting, directing, design, etc. Experimental workshops establishing new conventions and new American work.
  4. Community Engagement: FREE classes for community members across theatrical topics. Subscribers vote for season.


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  • American Legacy Theatre Junior Board share their major takeaway from the FREE 12 week summer intensive they participated in as high school students.

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