Cincinnati Film Society


The Cincinnati Film Society will be the regional leader in film exhibition, education and training, and filmmaker assistance.


The Cincinnati Film Society’s mission is to expand access and appreciation of motion pictures as a form of powerful artistic expression. We encourage sociocultural diversity by exploring cinema and its history, providing youth education, and services to entrepreneurial filmmakers.


Committed – Being a lasting space for growth in the development of regional filmmakers.

Sustainability – Creating innovative ways for the nonprofit to support itself, and adopting good practices to be environmental, socially, and economically sound.

Engagement – Encouraging community engagement with filmmakers by exhibiting their work through film screenings, Q&A’s, community partnerships, and events.

Education – Bringing awareness to cultural films and filmmakers; as well as providing workshops that are easily accessible.

Resource – Providing opportunities, tools, & financial support to filmmakers of all ages.

Creative – Finding exceptional and innovative storytellers to uplift in Cincinnati.

Diversity – Featuring films from all genres from traditional and nontraditional storytelling through motion picture, and filmmakers of different sociopolitical backgrounds, cultures, and subcultures from our society and around the world.


  • Filmmaker Exchange and Cultural Film Series in partnership with CincinnatiUSA Sister City Association

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