Cincinnati Fringe Festival

Cincinnati Fringe Festival


Fringe Festivals, now booming across the world, began in 1947 in Edinburgh, Scotland as a means for independent artists to present work that might not otherwise be welcomed at mainstream festivals and theatres. (Learn more about the history of the Edinburgh Fringe here!) Heralded for being an avenue for artists to present their original work free from censorship or restraint, Fringes are truly renowned by fans for offering an immense variety of entertainment for all ages and tastes in an addictive, high-energy atmosphere.  

Want to learn more about Fringe Festivals? Check out the Wikipedia entry!


Cincy Fringe is no different, just with a few of our own secret ingredients thrown into the recipe. Each year we present over 200 live performances from more than 40 local, national, and international groups and artists over 13 consecutive days in a dozen venues around the Over-the-Rhine (OTR) neighborhood of Cincinnati. These productions are selected for our Primary Lineup, the biggest programming component of the Festival, with help from a jury of 30+ local theatre professionals and educators. While jurying is a rarity among Fringes, we love how our curation process helps us thoughtfully select a lineup that’s rich with variety and representations.

Cincy Fringe also includes visual art projects, musical guests, street performance, free public classes, nightly after parties at Know Theatre (which serves as Fringe HQ) and more! It’s

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