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From Pain 2 Painting

From Pain to painting was established and founded in Milford Ohio in February 2019 by Carmella Breedlove. My brand is birthed from my past pain, trials and struggles. That is literally why it’s called “From Pain 2 Painting.” Our mission is to create events for individuals in my community who have suffered from mental trauma, homelessness, abuse, PTSD, molestation, and children of drug addicted parents. The purpose for these events is to help free them of any mental stress and turmoil through art. Art has many healing components such as lowering anxiety, helping individuals who are coping with grief; it calms you, helps to redirect your focus and gives you a sense of accomplishment through creativity. In 2019 there are still people who feel that mental health is not important in our society. With “From Pain 2 Painting”, I plan to reach thousands in my community and help to give them a new lease on life and bring awareness to the painful truth that is mental illness and trauma. It is my desire to help others dig deep and heal from what has been holding them back. Art literally saved my life and has helped me to begin my healing process & start a business and I want to empower the same success for other individuals and families. In addition to our mission we also like to make things beautiful for people. It is our job to help people design and bring their vision to life for their home. With our custom, handmade pieces you have the ability to set the tone for each room in your home ... view more »

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