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Jazz Alive

Jazz Alive

Jazz Alive is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the uniquely American music art form of jazz and its practitioners.  Jazz Alive was founded by 3 jazz musicians who were graduates of University of Cincinnati – College Conservatory of Music (UC-CCM), namely Gordon Brisker, Joseph Gaudio, and Donald Carr.  One of the original founding members is also Cincinnati native and jazz bassist Jim Anderson.  Our mission is to bring greater appreciation and understanding of jazz from bebop era to present day.  Jazz Alive does this through 6 initiatives:

1)    In School Jazz Program – instruction and in school performances geared toward spawning the next generation of jazz enthusiasts and musicians.

2)    Jazz for Seniors Program – to entertain a forgotten audience of jazz lovers in nursing homes and retirement centers.

3)    Jazz concerts within the Greater Cincinnati area – encouraging a greater appreciation of jazz in our community, and preserving and expanding the heritage of jazz.

4)    Jazz Alive on the Wind radio program on WMKV-FM.

5)    Co presenter of the It’s Commonly Jazz concert series.  Held every Thursday in August, It’s Commonly Jazz is Cincinnati’s the longest running free jazz concert series.

6)   Fiduciary agent/parent organization for We Create Jazz – A jazz festival for, by, and about women.

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