Academy of Cinematic Arts

Academy of Cinematic Arts

The Academy of Cinematic Arts is an arts/education nonprofit that is committed to helping students discover their stories through digital storytelling, film, and media, providing youth with educational programs, social experiences, competition, award recognition, and a sense of community.

Our mission is to educate youth ages 8-19 in the cinematic arts, empowering them to contribute to and effect change in a world where moving images have the potential to change lives. We enable them to:

  • Experience cinematic art programs not offered in their schools.
  • Receive digital storytelling and training not offered elsewhere in the community.
  • Compete with filmmakers across the Midwest through our student film festival.
  • Collaborate with local student filmmakers through our 72 Hour film competition.
  • Be part of a local community with other youth who share their passion for the arts, filmmaking, and movies.

The Academy provides a safe space, a third place between home and school, where students can build community, encounter positive adult influences, and develop creative and artistic skills. Every student has a story, and our goal is to empower them to tell it.



  • The Power of Storytelling

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