UG Academy of Cinematic Arts

UG Academy of Cinematic Arts

The Underground Academy of Cinematic Arts is an arts/education nonprofit that is committed to helping students discover their stories through film/media/broadcast, providing teens with educational programming, competition, award recognition, teen experiences, and community.

We values knowledge, training, and practice. Throughout the year, we provide local, day-long workshops, week-long summer camps, after school enrichment programs, and social/learning experiences that deepen teens knowledge in the cinematic arts.

In addition, we produce a 72 Teen Film Challenge competition and the annual Golden Lion Awards High School Film Festival for high school/middle school students in the 12 Midwest states and/or areas within 500 miles of Cincinnati. Our programs include:

Presented by UG Academy of Cinematic Arts at Sinclair College - Mason

Sep 4 - Nov 25, 2019


  • The Power of Storytelling

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