Hannah Parker

Hannah Parker


Website: https://www.hannahparkerarts.com/


   4943 Ralph Ave, OH

I am a recent graduate with my BFA in illustration with minors in both art history and creative writing.

I am passionate about all things symbolic when it comes to art, the more there is to look and and discover the better! if a piece of artwork requires a bit of research and a lot of thought than I am completely engaged. I do not ever explain what my work "means" because I believe strongly that what you create is larger than yourself. I have the hope that others will derive their own meaning from my work if my paintings happen to speak to you.

I want to dig when I look at artwork, I don't want the "meaning" to be obvious and in my face. Art wouldn't be so fun for me if there wasn't mystery and clues within each piece of work, mystery when I view others work and sometimes mystery that slowly reveals itself in my own work over time. It's the mystery that holds me. it;s the mystery that keeps me returning to a piece of artwork.

My work tends to addresses psychological concepts and often blends autobiographical aspects and personal symbolism into a visual work unique to me. some of my biggest influences include Pop Surrealism, Cartoons and traditional Ukiyo-e