Paul Kroner

Paul Kroner


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   130 W. Court Street, Cincinnati, OH, 45202

Artist Bio

Paul Kroner was born a maker.

This need to make led Paul into a career as a graphic designer, but his desire to make art was always alive in his heart. In his late 40s, no longer able to keep his artistic drive secondary in his life, his practice exploded.

Born the sixth child in a family of eight, Paul grew up in a tiny house where art was not only encouraged by his parents, it was his natural instinct.
Never one to be boxed into a single mode of execution or expression, Paul moves fluidity from one medium to another — from representational to abstract, and 2D to 3D — with a focus on intra and inter-personal relationships.

Paul's work has been shown in numerous galleries and solo and group shows in New England and the Midwest and, along with his paintings, are in private collections nationally.

Artist Statement

At the heart of my work is a desire to find the intersection of art and design. I strive for a place where aesthetics and composition work in harmony to communicate, guide, and engage the viewer in a unique experience.

As a trained designer, I bring a process-oriented and iterative approach to my art. I move fluidly from one medium to another and my work spans from representational to abstract, 2D to 3D, and analog to digita