Jun 01 - 10 2017
bed (a fever dream) | Cincy Fringe

bed (a fever dream) | Cincy Fringe

Presented by Performance Gallery (Cincinnati, OH) at 1201 Main

Unique, funny, surreal theatre exploring the world of our beds.


from Performance Gallery (Cincinnati, Oh)
Returning Participant
Primary Lineup – Theatre(Comedy, Physical Theatre, Political Themes)
Rated: PG-13


Show Description
Sex or sickness? Laziness or comfort? Messy or well made? What does “bed” mean to you? You were probably born in bed and might be destined to die there. If you are lucky, you will sleep in one tonight. Beds are a strange mixture of comfort, pleasure, vulnerability and pain. We live there in dreams or nightmares. Join us for this theatrical exploration in words and movement of this mysterious and intimate place – our bed.


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Producer Biography
Performance Gallery is Cincinnati-based collaborative of theatre artists who come together on no set schedule (but mostly at Fringe time) to produce and promote challenging works of theatre, usually written within the company or devised in rehearsal. We are often outlandish, sometimes profound and strive to be unpredictable. We were founded in 2002 and for a company that rarely produces more than once or twice a year, we have quite a devoted fan-base and are proud to be the only group to have participated in Cincinnati Fringe since its beginning.

Fringe Festival Credits
(2004) Cincy Fringe, Images of a Beating Heart
(2005) Cincy Fringe, The Killer Whispers and Prays
(2006) Cincy Fringe, godsplay:
(2007) Cincy Fringe, girlfight
(2008) Cincy Fringe, fricative
(2009) Cincy Fringe, KAZ/m
(2010) Cincy Fringe, the council
(2011) Cincy Fringe, The Body Speaks: scripted
(2011) Indianapolis Fringe, fricative
(2012) Atlanta Fringe, fricative
(2012) Cincy Fringe, Rodney Rumple’s Random Reality
(2013) Cincy Fringe, Mater Facit
(2014) Cincy Fringe, Heist
(2015) Cincy Fringe, Shirtzencockle
(2016) Cincy Fringe, Other Bother

Admission Info

Phone: 513-300-5669

Dates & Times

2017/06/01 - 2017/06/10

Additional time info:

Please note that there is NO LATE SEATING at the Fringe Festival. 

Location Info

1201 Main

1201 Main St., Cincinnati, OH 45202