Oct 07 2017
RE(NEW)ED Celebration: Second Century: Photography...

RE(NEW)ED Celebration: Second Century: Photography...

Presented by FotoFocus at Memorial Hall OTR

10:00am Panel: Still They Persist, with FemFour

FemFour, a group of socially minded members of the Cincinnati arts community, has assembled a traveling archive of posters and placards, sculptures, textiles, and photo/video documentation from the Women’s March of 2017. This continually evolving archive, which will be on view at the Contemporary Arts Center during the symposium, attempts to keep alive a message of ongoing resistance. FemFour will be discussing their motivations and their process as part of this undertaking, as well as examining the nature of politically activated objects, their preservation and circulation.

11:00am Panel: Gender and Imaging in the Online Realm

The many roles of photographic images in our personal lives are affected profoundly by new systems of image production, distribution, and programming. As photographs circulate in online realms—on social media and through digital platforms, where they are shaped and affected both by human decisions and algorithms—can we discern a feminist approach? This panel will address the intersections of images, technology, and gender in both art and daily life.

1:00pm Panel: Women of Latin American Film

Panelists address the complexities and limitations of the category “women’s film,” particularly through the lens of Latin American films made by women filmmakers and scriptwriters. Two aspects of “women’s film” will be explored: the oversimplified terms of the definition itself, i.e., women writing and directing their own stories; and a less obvious subject, the development of an audience which recognizes women’s voices as distinct based on their female authorship.

2:00pm Panel: Woman with a Camera

What, if anything, does it mean to be a woman photographer? This panel will reconsider the work of historical figures such as Berenice Abbott and Diane Arbus as well as the contemporary practice of artists such as Anne Collier and Zoe Leonard, probing the paradoxes of the term “woman photographer,” as well as the personal narratives that accompany and complicate the common trope of a woman with a camera.

3:00pm Comment by Aruna D’Souza: Photography in an Intersectional Field

What does it mean to make images post-Ferguson, post-Black Lives Matter, post-Standing Rock, post-Trump, post-pussy hats, post-bathroom bills? This talk will explore ideas of how feminism—in no small part thanks to photography—has not just expanded to embrace other struggles, but has in fact intersected with, and become infinitely more urgent and complicated, because of them.

5:00pm Keynote Conversation with Tabitha Soren and Katy Grannan: Shooting America

Both San Francisco-based artists working in photography, Tabitha Soren and Katy Grannan will discuss their means and methods of representing American life, from the heroic efforts (and failures) of baseball stardom to the shambling lives of the dispossessed who struggle to conjure a glimmering dream, and just to get by.


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Event is free and open to the public. Visit our Facebook event to let us know you plan to attend. https://www.facebook.com/pg/FotoFocusCincinnati/events/

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2017/10/07 - 2017/10/07

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Memorial Hall OTR

1225 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

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The most convenient parking option is directly across the street at the Washington Park Garage https://www.3cdc.org/where-to-park/#over-the-rhine

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