May 31 2018
Jun 09 2018
Show Up

Show Up

Presented by Cincinnati Fringe Festival at First Lutheran Church (FLC) Lounge

from Peter Michael Marino (New York, NY)

New Participant

Primary Lineup – Solo Performance (Comedy, Improv, Mental Health Themes)

Rated: PG-13

Show Description

In “Show Up,” internationally acclaimed solo performer Peter Michael Marino uses his decades of solo expertise to turn the clichés of the genre on their clichéd heads. Using an arsenal of Post-it Notes, Pete transforms the audience’s experiences into a comedic life-story that’s different each time. You control the content, set, and sound for this socially-anxious show about you. And there’s a party!


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Producer Biography

Peter Michael Marino is a NYC-based performer/writer/producer whose work has been seen on five continents. His critically acclaimed solo show “Desperately Seeking the Exit” recounted the making and unmaking of his West End Blondie musical flop “Desperately Seeking Susan” and played for over two years in the US, UK, and Australia. He is the creator of NYC’s SOLOCOM, which has launched over 500 new solo comedies. Pete has been performing and producing at the Edinburgh Fringe and many other Fringe festivals since 2012.

Fringe Festival Credits

(2012) Edinburgh Fringe, Desperately Seeking the Exit
(2013) Edinburgh Fringe, Desperately Seeking the Exit
(2013) Adelaide Fringe, Desperately Seeking the Exit
(2014) Orlando Fringe, Desperately Seeking the Exit
(2014) Brighton Fringe, Desperately Seeking the Exit
(2014) Philadelphia Fringe, Desperately Seeking the Exit
(2015) Edinburgh Fringe, Late with Lance
(2015) Hollywood Fringe, Late with Lance
(2015) Orlando Fringe, Late with Lance
(2017) Edinburgh Fringe, Show Up
(2017) Buffalo Infringement Festival, Show Up
(2017) Orlando Fringe, Show Up
(2017) Edinburgh Fringe, Show Up
(2017) Pittsburgh Fringe, Show Up

Admission Info

Phone: 513-300-5669

Dates & Times

2018/05/31 - 2018/06/09

Additional time info:

Please note that there will be NO LATE SEATING at the Fringe Festival. 

Location Info

First Lutheran Church (FLC) Lounge

1208 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202