May 30 2018
Jun 09 2018
Vox Box

Vox Box

Presented by Cincinnati Fringe Festival at Over-the-Rhine Community Church (OTRCC)

from Performance Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)

Returning Participant

Primary Lineup – Interdisciplinary (Avant Voice, Vocal Gymnastics, Eargasm)

Rated: Pg-13

Show Description

Immerse yourself in this auditory, primal, percussive playground where words lose their meaning but not their power. Vox Box deconstructs text and turns language on its head while delving into the unexpected range of human sound. You might laugh. You might cry. Your ears and your soul will thank you.


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Producer Biography

Performance Gallery is a Cincinnati-based collaborative of artists existing to produce and promote challenging works of theatre that is known to be outlandish, sometimes achieves profoundness and strives to be unpredictable. Founded in 2002, they have produced a varying amount of works per year in a variety of spaces, including original plays, revamped classics and fourteen widely different, original offerings at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. They have also shown up at Atlanta Fringe, Indianapolis Fringe and could be standing behind you right now.

Fringe Festival Credits

(2004) Cincy Fringe, Images of a Beating Heart
(2005) Cincy Fringe, The Killer Whispers and Prays
(2006) Cincy Fringe, godsplay:
(2007) Cincy Fringe, girlfight
(2008) Cincy Fringe, fricative
(2009) Cincy Fringe, KAZ/m
(2010) Cincy Fringe, the council
(2011) Cincy Fringe, The Body Speaks: scripted
(2011) Indianapolis Fringe, fricative
(2012) Atlanta Fringe, fricative
(2012) Cincy Fringe, Rodney Rumple’s Random Reality
(2013) Cincy Fringe, Mater Facit
(2014) Cincy Fringe, Heist
(2015) Cincy Fringe, Shirtzencockle
(2016) Cincy Fringe, Other Bother
(2017) Cincy Fringe, bed (a fever dream)

Admission Info

Phone: 513-300-5669

Dates & Times

2018/05/30 - 2018/06/09

Additional time info:

Please note that there will be NO LATE SEATING at the Fringe Festival. 

Location Info

Over-the-Rhine Community Church (OTRCC)

1310 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202