Jun 04 - 14 2019
Between 3 and 5

Between 3 and 5

Presented by Cincinnati Fringe Festival at Gabriel's Corner

from Pones Inc. (Cincinnati, OH)

Returning Participant

Primary Lineup –Physical Theatre, Interdisciplinary (Multi-sensory, dance, immersive)

Rated: R

Show Description 

An immersive, experiential, and sensual journey for audiences. Past the witching hour and before dawn there are two special hours that most don’t see. What happens in those inky hours? Wake up and explore – from the expansive beauty of the night sky to the illicit underbelly of what we hide in darkness.



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Producer Biography

Pones provides artistic opportunities for community growth by creating engaging new ways for audiences to experience dance.

The company creates site-specific performances through a fusion of movement and dance with other art forms. Pones performers use their bodies to speak their minds. The collective uses its signature ‘pedestrian-inspired’ movement to spark collaboration, connection, and community.

Pones believes that art creates powerful change.

Fringe Festival Credits

(2017): Cincy, Place/Setting
(2016): Cincy, Graphic
(2015): Cincy, Shelter
(2014): Cincy, Traffick
(2013): Cincy, Choose Your Own Adventure
(2012): Cincy, Project Activate
(2011): Chicago/Indy/Cincy: The Four Food Groups and That One Show

Admission Info

Phone: 513-300-5669

Dates & Times

2019/06/04 - 2019/06/14

Location Info

Gabriel's Corner

1425 Sycamore St, Cincinnati, OH 45202