Jun 02 - 14 2019
Diagnose This! Tales of a Medical Actor

Diagnose This! Tales of a Medical Actor

Presented by Cincinnati Fringe Festival at Art Academy Room A361

from Donna Kay Speaks (Portland, OR)

New Participant

Primary Lineup – Solo Performance (Comedy, Storytelling)

Rating: R

Show Description 

When an improv comedian plays patient for medical students, what results is a hilarious and moving view into the world of healthcare. “Diagnose This! Tales of a Medical Actor” will make you laugh, cry, cringe, and say “F*** The System!” Contains strong opinions and blunt talk about lady parts.



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Producer Biography

Donna Kay Yarborough (The Famous Haydell Sisters, Shenatra!) has done stuff…a lot of stuff. Comedy, music, interactive theater, theater-theater, film, voice acting–you name it. Described as a “serious tour-de-force performer” (“The Road to 1,000”), Donna currently resides as a “Texpat” in Portland OR. DonnaKaySpeaks.com @DonnaKaySpeaks

Fringe Festival Credits

(2019) Rogue Festival, Fresno, “Professor Yarborough’s Lecture Hall”
(2018) Rogue Festival, Fresno, “Diagnose This! Tales of a Medical Actor”
(2017) Saskatoon Fringe, “Query The Crone”
(2017) Rogue Festival, Fresno, “Query The Crone”

Admission Info

Phone: 5133005669

Dates & Times

2019/06/02 - 2019/06/14

Location Info

Art Academy Room A361

1212 Jackson St, Cincinnati, OH