Suzuki Private Lessons

Suzuki Private Lessons

Presented by Wyoming Fine Arts Center at The Wyoming Fine Arts Center

Private lessons are held every week with a Cincinnati Suzuki School faculty member at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center. Scheduling is coordinated between both the teacher's and family's availability. Parents and students attend each lesson together. Dr. Suzuki believed that the parent is the most important teacher for the child: together the parent, teacher, and child create the "Suzuki Triangle," meaning that each participant in the triangle is equally important and responsible for the learning process. In each lesson, the teacher works with the child so as to educate the parents on what to do with the child at home during the daily practice sessions. The parent is responsible for taking notes in the lesson and for facilitating home practice each day.

Admission Info

Prospective Beginners (3.5 years and up)
Prospective beginners first come to observe a group class with their parents. If your family is excited by what you see at that class, then we will set up the next classes and recitals to observe as part of your orientation and preparation to begin the program. We also ask that you read Nurtured by Love by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and begin listening to the Suzuki CD, Volume 1, each day.
Prospective Intermediate and Advanced Students with a Suzuki Background
Intermediate and Advanced students also first observe a group class and then schedule a consultation lesson if interested in joining the CSS.

Phone: (513)-948-1900


Dates & Times

2021/08/30 - 2021/12/17

Additional time info:

Schedule lessons anytime throughout the fall semester! Lesson times are determined by the teacher.

Location Info

The Wyoming Fine Arts Center

322 Wyoming Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45215

Parking Info

Lot located behind the building.