Feb 27 2016
Bach's Kids | Macy's Arts Sampler Weekend 2016

Bach's Kids | Macy's Arts Sampler Weekend 2016

Presented by Bach and Boombox and ArtsWave at Art Academy of Cincinnati

A fun, interactive program for the whole family.

Bach had 20 kids, and still managed to write over 1000 pieces of music. He must have been very busy! In this program, we’ll get to know Bach’s cello music, and learn how his active home life might actually have helped him write his music. Along the way, I’ll share stories from playing at the White House, and we’ll also hear songs by Bruno Mars, Tito Puente and John Philip Sousa, and discover how all great music is put together the same way.

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Dates & Times

2016/02/27 - 2016/02/27

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Art Academy of Cincinnati

1212 Jackson Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202