Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra

Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra

Music - Nonprofit




 4046 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 200, Cincinnati, OH 45223

OUR MISSION: We create intimate, transformative experiences that connect the musically curious.


  • IntimacyThe ensembles smaller size allows you to get closer to the music and the musicians, helping to melt the invisible divide between audience and musicians, connecting you to the art in a new way!
  • CollaborationsBringing together artists to collaborate across genres and art forms leads to inspiration and innovation. Our size makes us the perfect partner, one who can be flexible and nimble.
  • Our soundOur ensemble balances an ability to highlight the gentle intricacies of chamber ensemble playing one moment while posessing a tremendous power the next!
  • Unexpected venuesWhether enjoying the beautiful acoustic in your neighborhood church or relaxing with a beverage in a hip nightspot, bringing music out of the concert hall creates an electric atmosphere, one where you can almost reach out and touch the music-making.
  • Fun facts: The CCO stays curious, going beyond program notes, striving to share something more about the music, composer or historical context.
  • More than a concert: CCO is where audiences and artists come to share an experience. Whether it’s our free Prelude Talks with the music director or post-concert artist receptions, the Chamber Orchestra is always looking for ways to create transformative event experiences for our audiences.
  • Distinct repertoire: Chamber orchestras have a unique range of repertoire, spanning from the classical music giants of yesterday to world premiere commissions. The CCO presents a musical experience you won’t have anywhere else!