Virtual Venue Theatricals

Virtual Venue Theatricals




Founded by two Cincinnati/Dayton theatre natives, VVT grew out of the demand for live theatre in a virtual environment. Our first production, First Date, united equity and non-union actors from three states and garnered over a thousand views across social media platforms with audience members tuning in from as far as New Zealand.

First and foremost, the aim of VVT is to open up a space for friends and colleagues in the arts community to work and create in this time. The beauty of remote theatre is the ability to collaborate with artists across the country and the globe; our upcoming benefit concert involves industry professionals from every time zone in the continental U.S. and as far as the UK, Canada, and Japan. In addition to creating work for performers, choreographers, stage managers, and others in the business, Virtual Venue Theatricals provides a new space for writers to workshop or premiere new works. VVT is currently seeking collaborations with regional theatre houses through a variety of possibilities–from consulting on transferring shows to a virtual platform to offering directorial services.

Our next focus is the essential role of the audience and arts patrons. Virtual performances allow for the unique opportunity to connect audience members from across the world and introduce them to regional theatres, creative professionals, and works previously inaccessible to them. We aim to open up the concept of live theatre to new audiences in a way that has not yet been explored. We believe that there is no substitution to access to full length musicals and plays, new works, song cycles, and cabarets. With Broadway closed through 2021–if not longer–the time is now to embrace a new normal for theatre and the arts.