Alliance of Chinese Culture & Arts USA

Alliance of Chinese Culture & Arts USA

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The Alliance of Chinese Culture & Arts USA (ACCA-US) has brought many top Chinese musicians from China to Cincinnati and shared eye-opening cultural experience with Greater Cincinnati fusion music lovers, worked with local and international musician groups to develop various “East meets West” style music programs, and collaborated with Cincinnati Art Museum and Memorial Hall to run annual festival events.

During COVID-19 pandemic times, ACCA-US produced various music programs and  continued to connect people through the power of music and arts. For example:

1.  June 20, 2020: Jointly organized “One World, One Family – Music for Love“, a 24-hour global virtual concert. Over 600 artists from 50 nations took part in concert. ACCA-US worked with the north American musicians and artists in May 2020 and produced 2 hours music programs for the 24-hour global virtual concert.

2.  September 2020:  Collaborated with Cincinnati Art Museum to organize online Mid-Autumn Festival week:  Mid-Autumn Festival – Cincinnati Art Museum;

3.  February 12, 2021:  Collaborated with Memorial Hall to host the online Lunar New Year Concert 2021:

4.  **September 26, 2021: Collaborate with Cincinnati Art Museum to organize the Cincinnati Asian Arts Festival 2021: Cincinnati Art Museum Calendar of Events – Cincinnati Art Museum

** Due to the high levels of COVID-19 transmission in Hamilton County and the surrounding area, the event is rescheduled to October 24, 2021 and will be presented as a virtual event.