1628 Ltd

1628 Ltd

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Website: https://1628ltd.com/

 (513) 320-2596

 11 Garfield Pl, Cincinnati, OH

1628 Ltd is a coworking space located in downtown Cincinnati. 1628 offers multiple options to fit your workflow. Whatever your need, from flexible coworking areas to private offices, 1628 provides an elegant space and hands-on hospitality to all members.

As part of a benefit to our members, we have created an art program that allows us to host quarterly exhibitions in our space. We host established and emerging artists from the region of Cincinnati, as well as having yearly exhibitions featuring female artists and their accomplishments. Art has always played an imperative role our mission, which is to create a productive and inspiring environment for our members to thrive.

Located at 11 Garfield Pl, 1628 is open from 8:30AM-5:30PM Monday through Friday.

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1628 Ltd

11 Garfield Pl

Cincinnati, OH