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OTR Film Festival - Friday Afternoon Shorts Selections - 1:15PM

Presented by Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival at Woodward Theater

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Sep 28 2018
OTR Film Festival - Friday Afternoon Shorts Selections - 1:15PM

HARLEM BLUES – Filled with survivor’s guilt, a young musician is haunted by the memories of losing his father. He turns to prescription drugs to self medicate, but soon realizes playing music is the only thing that can save him.

Runtime: 5min56sec

A FERRY TALE – This short film is about a father and his two autistic children. They get on ferry in a wintry day. They meet with some disappointing incidents in their short trip. Due to some impatient passengers’ reactions to his children’s unintentional actions, father feels sad and loses his hope.

Runtime: 10min14sec

CARRY ON LITTLE SIS – Michaela has just lost her beloved older sister Naomi and is trying to cope the best she can. Naomi struggled with severe bipolar disorder and was constantly being hospitalized for her manic episodes. Naomi’s illness took an emotional toll on Michaela and Michaela found it difficult to be there for Naomi when she was ill. So, when Naomi died, this left Michaela with a lot of guilt around not being there for her when she was sick.

Runtime: 12min34sec

93 MILES – The night after defecting Cuba, a baseball player and his girlfriend are held up in a Mexican hotel room. The tension rises as the two become claustrophobic in this stressful situation that they are stuck in.

Runtime: 16min58sec

THE BEST LITTLE COFFEE HOUSE IN MARYLAND – Inwood House, the only apartment building in the US that is both Secion 8 and dedicated to people with a variety of disabilities, is home to a monthly musical coffeehouse unlike any other…

Runtime: 17min39sec

PEGGIE – Inspired by true events, the film addresses the theme of dementia as a way to travel through time. A special gift that has the protagonist, Peggie, who, in a quiet californian afternoon, moving from one room to another in her home, crosses different epochs of her life. More than a timing jump in a few meters, where the last one will lead her into a blind alley from which only a person who is apparently stranger to her will be able to pull her out and bring her home. Like every day for at least ten years.

Runtime: 9min



  • Trailer | 93 Miles

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