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Cincinnati Baila Dance Academy

Cincinnati Baila Dance Academy

Cincinnati Baila! Dance Academy was created as a need of parents that found themselves raising children of a Latino heritage in the USA. While the children are fully immersed in the American culture and language, we also strive for a bilingual education. We want them to learn about hispanic traditions and feel proud of them as well.
Cincinnati Baila! was founded in 2010 by Sandra Vazquez and Raquel Guillen. They were both born and raised in Mexico and have lived in the USA for several years now. There they studied Bailes regionales Mexicanos.
Cincinnati Baila! has become a reference point for parents wanting their kids to embrace the Latino roots and learn about folkloric dances, which are so vivid and cheerful!


7900 East Kemper. Cincinnati, OH 45249
PO Box 35 King Mills, OH 45034

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