Natya Hasta School of Dance - NHSD

Natya Hasta School of Dance - NHSD

About Natya Hasta School of Dance (NHSD)

Natya Hasta School of Dance is an ethnic Indian cultural space that celebrates the visual and cerebral appeal of world culture.

Natya Hasta School of Dance is acclaimed for its authentic dance training in BharataNatyam, Kuchipudi, Semi – Classical dances in all Indian regional languages and Folk Dances as well as experimenting and exploring world music and rhythms.

Brief Bio of Shringarmani Phane Jayanthi Sen (MFA):

Shringarmani Phane Jayanthi Sen is the founder and artistic director of NatyaHasta School of Dance, established in 2003 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. NHSD extends its support to the disabled, homeless, senior citizens or for any kind of social and community cause. She gives lessons in Carnatic Sangeetam (Vocal Music) Old Bollywood Songs, Bhajans and Slokas under RaagMaalika School of Music. NHSD is actively involved in artistic exploration, collaboration with western dancers and propagation of Indian culture and traditions.

Phane is a firm believer in strong foundations, perfection of basic technique and proficient performances. She instills in her students, dedication, respect, appreciation for this sacred art form while nurturing their individual style and talent.

As a Cultural ambassador of India’s rich performing arts heritage, Phane J Sen has traversed the four corners of the globe – spreading the message of global harmony through movements and melodies. She has performed extensively in Major Festivals in India & abroa

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