THEATRE CENTRIK : a nonprofit theatre organization and media company based in the city of Florence, in Boone County, Kentucky, United States with an African root but a global spirit to help humanity. The creative director and founder OLUWABIYI ANTHONY BOYEDE conceived these words in significance to the African Heritage as regards cultures of different ethnicity.


Creating an enhancing theatre force of committed community; developing minds; empowering youths via creative training, teaching; impacting an indebt knowledge and acceptability of the African culture. And, maintaining the African heritage without conflicting with the contemporary art.


Influencing positive change in the society, enhancing natural talent via and acceptability of the Black Heritage via theatre art.


Our world is a place where potentials are unleashed. We set a standard for the actualization of dreams. We are not particular about your color, race, religion, belief or cultural background. Our belief is that you are endowed with talents and this talent is crude.


  • DANCE FROM DUSK TO DAWN SUMMARY This transcultural poetically written drama cuts across the country and even far beyond. It tells the tale of Africa in a strong unapologetically way, extolling it's toils, sweats,virtue and strength. Speaking strongly of the power and reflection of dance in all the circumstances of our lives,when we are sad, Happy , angry , dying and even mourning our loved ones. It delves deeper into the current situation of the things in the country and how we've been able to live ,survive and even find love and happiness despite the pandemic. The dance drama "Dance from dusk to dawn" paints the picture of the realities

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